<15Min Time Limits/Blocking Apps Entirely

Hello, it would be great if you could set a time limit that’s less than 15 minutes. I would also like to have the ability to block an app 24/7. For example, I don’t want to have access to the twitter app or website on my phone ever. I wish I could set the time limit to 0 hours 0 minutes and deep focus

Just curious, if you want to block an app 24/7, why don’t you uninstall the app ?

I’m mainly talking about websites like mobile twitter. Can’t delete safari. I’m not even sure that Id want to block them 24/7 but my id definitely like the ability to set the time limit below 15 minutes

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Please can the lower limit on apps be reduced to less than 15 mins.

I have some apps that I would like to limit to a shorter time, like 10 or even 6 mins. 15 is actually quite long!