App Crashing when you select Apps / Websites or "Other" Category

Agree!! Thanks for pointing this out. Spent forever trying to find an app by looking through every category, essentially increasing my screen time while trying to limit it… A search bar is needed!

@Klair_Hans can you send a screenshot of how your app selection looks like? normally from iOS16.4 onwards there is a search bar. This screen is controlled by Apple. Please update your iPhone (how to).

When I try adding apps from the “other” category to a blocking session the app freezes and shuts down,

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Current situation working on iOS.

Social group opens, can select which ones i want.

Can’t open any other folder.

I can search for W and get some apps show up that have. W in them like Word, others however don’t.

I can’t search under other letters, A, H don’t work, screen crashes.

I can’t add Productivity folder to the white list as there’s too many in it.

No matter which way i try and work it there is no way to use this app to make it work for blocking all of the the distracting apps i need it too.

When will this be fixed, it’s been over a year now. I signed up for lifetime subscription and I’m really angry at the apparent lack of care that you have for your customers about this. I want a refund.

Same issue, but for me it’s a lot bigger than the “Other” category, so I thought I’d document it in case it’s helpful.

Drop down menus that crash: Social, Entertainment, Information & Reading, Productivity & Finance, Other. Crashes when I search for the letter: A, C, D, E, H, I, L, M, N, O, R, S, T, U

Drop down menus that don’t crash: Games, Creativity, Education, Health & Fitness, Shopping & Food, Travel, Utilities. Letters I can search: B, F, G, J, K, P, Q, V, W, X, Y, Z.

I understand the problem is on Apple’s end, but do y’all have an explanation for why it happens? (For example—is it having too many apps in one category? Would a drop down menu start working again if I delete a few unused apps in that category?)

Unfortunately this crazy bug prevented me from ever trying Opal since it crashes as soon as I try to add more than 3 apps/sites or tap on any categories or try to use search. Surprisingly the dictation works in the search field but the app still crashes whenever I try to enter anything in the text field.

I wish it could work, but will have to uninstall. Sorry @kenneth

Feel free to reach out if you’d like unsolicited feedback on other parts of the app from a brand new user (love the onboarding btw).