Ask a friend for password to unlock Opal

I’m a retired client/server analyst. So my “job” now includes charity work, sitting board members for several organizations, and consultant work. So the buddy accountability feature doesn’t work for me. What about a lockout function, if I want to access a blocked item during a set schedule, even to take a break (I have plenty to do without using my phone during that time), a password is generated and sent to a contact I can set. This would be a game changer for me, if I can manipulate that app - I will. Unfortunately, I believe myself control retired with my career :smirk:

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Super interesting idea! Thanks for submitting a feature request, @Annie74 !

thanks my issue has been fixed.

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any update on this feature? I have the same issue, and typically have an in-person friend set a passcode on my iPhone’s screen time feature.

I would pay $100/year to have someone on Opal’s end help me with this since meeting with a friend has a string of issues.