Aug 22 Team Update

Hi All
Here is where we are this week.

  • iOS16 Opal: We added New Home, Stats Screen and MileStones (congrats @matt @randy @lilpit ). We released the app to a small group of Testers! If you are not on the list don’t forget to register on
  • Bugs. We are still waiting for answers from Apple on iOS 16 Beta bugs (we filed a total of 19 Radars - Apple’s version of a bug report), and may need to work around them by changing features.
  • Onboarding and Focus Report: We finished the design last week and are implementing this in the app this week. We took a lot of time to think about the right tone for this. It will be a much more comprehensive onboarding with a personal Focus Report based on historical screen time data (although there is currently an iOS16 bug for this) and set up.
  • Brand: we have been working on App Store assets to prepare for the launch in September. @Anton also built a gant chart with deadlines for all projects for our upcoming launch.
  • SEO process: no progress this week.
  • Organic content: posted some cool reels . We are finetuning for format and delivery.
  • Community Board: @ramy imported 234 feature requests from! now on #feedback:feature-requests . Check it out!
  • Team Meeting: we had a full team standup Meeting last Friday which was a lot of fun, and allowed us to review our progress on all projects.

Interesting new posts from this week:

Let’s go!

Aug Goal
In August, we are working to get Opal iOS16 from 50 to 90%, which means solving a lot of iOS16 bugs together with Apple, releasing MileStones, expanding our testflight to 200 people, build our new Focus Score and Screen Time stats features (we call it Focus Report and Daily Focus). We will also release this community board , improve our Instagram organic process to post 3-4x winners per week, grow our SEO process, secure 2 partnerships with leading Screen Time organizations, and get everything polished for public launch (iOS16 is set to launch mid-Sept).

We’re more excited than ever to help 1Bn people focus day to day (and accomplish their dreams).

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