[Completed, v3.8] Limit Breaks: "Cool-Down" Time


I love the look and feel of the new app! But in order to increase focus, I’d love to be able to adjust the break time required in order to take a break. I have a lot of trouble staying off my phone but would like to encourage myself to stay off of it more often.

I’d love if there needed to be a cool-down time after a break (say an hour or so) or if each time you requested to take a break, that time you have to wait the next time before requesting a break doubles. (ie: took 15 minute break, have to wait 30 minutes before requesting another one. Or, just that 15 seconds becomes 30s then 1min). Similar to the way the iphone gets disabled and the time to wait to unlock increases each time you get it wrong. It discourages you from getting it wrong the next time/waiting that long to unlock your phone.


Thanks for sharing @N_G and welcome here! glad to have you.
That’s interesting, what do you think of this solution that was suggested by @Bwt615 A level between deep focus and the default

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That sounds great and accomplishes exactly what I was hoping for! There are times when I want to go on my phone or would like to be able to go on my phone but not be on it for long drawn out periods at a time.

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@N_G we did this with the new app version! "Medium Focus" Protection: Set fixed number of Breaks, no cancellation - #8 by kenneth

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