Customize limits for hard working people

Let’s make this app available to people who really need it to manage their work. It’s an amazing app and I’ve seen the best results with it. However, I do have a personal experience to share.

I work 90-120 hours per week, and I have set a limit of 9am-9pm for using the app. Sometimes, when I’m working, I really need to open Instagram or do something else that’s not work-related. If I don’t have a chance to do it, I’ll use my laptop to take care of it. So the problem is that the app doesn’t always help me as much as it could. I think it would be helpful if I could add some free slots in the middle of the day, for example.
Maybe the amount of available free time could be based on the size of the work range. For example, for 5 hours of work, maybe 20 minutes of free time would be good, and for 10 hours of work, maybe 40 minutes of free time.

Another issue is that a part of my business communication happens on Instagram. It’s not a lot, but I do need to answer DMs. Don’t sure how to solve it - maybe show the messages from one of the instagram folder, maybe answer from desktop version is not a bad way, but in the case when I sitting in the office and have an access. Because you actually I will not use the instagram on desktop for serfing.

And I’m also working on a startup, so I need to have access to my business account 24/7. I think it would be helpful if there was a function to set certain Instagram/Facebook accounts as a “white list,” so they wouldn’t be blocked.

Finally, not all of my screen time is a waste of time. A lot of it is spent doing things like googling, translating, testing apps, working on my Twitter/LinkedIn account, or emailing investors. I don’t know how to track that, but it’s important for me not to waste as much time as the statistics show

Thanks for sharing.

  1. Breaks during long work days: which is best, to chose specific break times (for example: work 9am to 12pm, then 30min break) OR to have a “credit” to take as many breaks you need? (for example, if I work 5 hours, I get 20min of break “credit”)?

  2. Instagram DMs: I understand. Have you tried using the Messenger app for Instagram DMs? Say 👋 to Messenger: Introducing New Messaging Features for Instagram | Meta that way you can allow Messenger but block for Instagram app.

  3. Better focus score, we have a thread on this Improve Focus Score: App Ratings I agree with this.

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