Famous paintings, but if people were on their phones

So @kenneth has been kind of popping off with the DALL-E prompts recently, and…

If only they had Opal in the 1800s :upside_down_face:


Thanks for sharing this! Loved used DALL-E for this. Do you have any prompts for me?

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I’d love to see an Edouard Cortes painting:

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What would be the prompt for DALL-E?

“An Edouard Cortes painting of streets in Paris, but people are on their phones” :dark_sunglasses:

This will speak volumes about me :upside_down_face: and how I view that smartphones have hijacked our ability to be more productive. My mind immediately pictures Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Delights - 2nd panel OK there I said it :laughing:


I love this painting! There’s so much going on - it feels exactly like my brain after a day of way too much screentime lol

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