Fully customized Blockscreens (Text, Quotes and Style)

The block screens are great but they could be better if we could fully customize them, that is, write ourselves the text and set the icon. I want to write block screens that are intensely personal so that I am less inclined to diregard them and more likely to get back to focus. I would write a block screen message such as:

“Focus [My Name], remember that you need to complete project X by date Y if you want to get promoted to position Z”.


Exactly, this update is very necessary! It’s so bad, because I’m Brazilian, and that would allow me to use my primary language and be able to motivate myself more!

Opal would be more affective and fun if we got to design our own block screen personally. Especially for me it would boost my productivity!

The possibility to change quotes types of the lockscreen to like pure motivation discipline quotes or more romantic ones or idk

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Thanks for sharing! at the moment you can customize block screen categories https://www.opal.so/help/customize-block-screens

Did you know this?

A sleek and easy to use feature where you could write your own block screens with an emoji for the lock function would be great. I really think being able to write my own block screen text would help me focus better.

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Hey @here,

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve had a few requests for this feature, and it’s currently on our roadmap. I’ve merged your suggest into the existing thread, and we’ll notify you all when the update to customize your block screens goes live. Stay tuned!

All the best,
Team Opal


You should add a custom Block screen feature that allows the user to display their own message when they try to access a blocked app.

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Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out! We’d like to introduce this feature in the future, and I’ve merged your request into the existing thread on this topic so more Gems can vote for it. Stay tuned!

All the best,
Team Opal

This update is key, I’m trying to opt for a more minimalist block screen but there is a strong lack of customization. The text on the screen feels like it’s just there to take up space rather then being used to motivate. I find features like “Instagram Blocked Today count” and “Blocked by Session” unnecessary. Personally I would be able to focus more if I could design my own block screen merged with something like the reminders app to remember my tasks.

Hello, I’d find it helpful and reinforcing to have block screen messages specific to information on the impact of using screens and social media apps. What has motivated me in the first place to get Opal has been the amounting research into the negative effects that social media can have on our attentional capacity. As a clinical psychologist and also fellow human I think this is very important! I think seeing ‘negative health impacts of app use’ would help keep me on target. This might range from impacts of screen time on developing myopia, to the impact in circadian rhythms and insomnia, and of course attention/focus! I’d be happy to be of more help with sourcing relevant articles and literature on this!
Thanks also for a great app :relaxed: