Improvement suggestions for the (great) Mac beta app


I love the new mac app! Just got it after your iPhone app literally changed my life for the better. Couple of suggestions:

1: Give an option to have the taskbar only show the opal logo instead of the very long text it currently shows, for example “focus session - 10h 17m”, which takes up 30% of the taskbar…

2: Have an option to have the app running but not show it in the list when I click on command tab if I minimized it - so I can declutter and keep things more clean there in the cmd tab menu and the mission control. Then, if I want to access it I can always go to the taskbar logo. That’s how popular utility apps like BetterTouchTool work.

3: When I snooze - I need to manually click on the “back” button in the snooze window, or else the countdown to be able to start the next snooze immediately starts automatically, which kind of beats the purpose of the app because then I can always simply re-open Opal and it’s already ready to snooze…

4: Also please notice that the app doesn’t let me shut down the computer if a blocking session is running which seems like a bug as the two options should be unrelated (: it tells me that I cannot close Opal since it’s blocking, and since I can’t close it it means I also can’t shut down.

Bonus - I LOVE the ability to block certain websites on chrome. For example as a part of the blocking session. Is there a way to also add it to the iPhone app? Currently I can only block whole apps.

Thanks again! I’ll keep recommending this to my friends.