iPad Support for Opal

Feature Requested By: Kenneth
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Opal on iPad would be great! (iPad OS messes up the iPhone layout right now)

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Comment By: Kenneth

Need to sync between apps

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yes!! and ability to have separate focus on each device.

i love opal on my phone but i frequently get distracted on my ipad. i can download opal for ios on my ipad, but it is an old version and doesn’t work well. i would really love a version of opal for ipadOS!!

is this in the works at all? any suggestions on how to make it work for ipad ?

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@Ingrid_Zoll thanks so much for the message!
If you update your iPad’s OS to iOS16, you will have the latest version of Opal on your iPad as well.
You can check you iPad’s OS in your Settings => Software Update.

@Inga_Reichelt @kenneth IpadOS 16 has been delayed by apple, but it will air on 2022-10-24T00:00:00Z, you’ll then be able to enjoy the power of the new Opal on your iPad :hugs: by following steps indicated by Kenneth just above !

Update @here, you can now update your iPad to iPadOS 16 (here’s how to do it) and Opal will work on your Ipad!

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Why in the compatibility list does not have iPadOS? And also, when I download the app, it does seems more iPhone like too, Will it be more designed as iPad version in the future?

This is nice…but would be better if the UI is iPad compatible too !

I would love to see a dedicated iPad version of the app. It’s completely useable as of now, but it’s always good to see the full screen in use instead of an iPhone sized app on an iPad.