Lock Opal's Screen Time Access Behind Screen Time Passcode

I love the Deep Focus feature of Opal and have been productive while blocking distracting apps. It was working well when I didn’t know of any way to bypass the blocks. However, I discovered I can remove ‘Opal’ from ‘Apps With Screen Time Access’ in ‘Settings->Screen Time’ during a Deep Focus session and unblock the distracting apps.

Removing Opal from Screen Time Access only requires the device passcode. This means whoever is self imposing the restrictions and uses the device (so will know the device passcode) can bypass the Deep Focus blocks. I think it would work better if turning off Screen Time Access for Opal required the separate Screen Time passcode rather than the Device passcode. The Screen Time passcode can be given to someone else to ensure the device user cannot bypass the restrictions.

Hello !
Thanks for your feedback, this is indeed a great idea, and seems logical !

I’m gonna send a feedback to apple about this, you can do the same to add some weight to it using that link, and selecting “Bug report” as report type → Feedback - iPhone - Apple


Peter, Opal Dev team

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