Meet Clo S., Founder of This Too Shall Grow

Clo S., founder of This Too Shall Grow, was recently interviewed by Opal here! :sparkles:

We looked into:

  • Creativity and digital distractions
  • Media multitasking
  • Setting intentions for social media
  • Taking efficient breaks
  • and more!

That’s awesome! We should invite Clo to be a member of the community and share a weekly post @gretaopal9 !

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Hi everyone!
Congrats on launching the community =)
Thanks @gretaopal9 for the interview and @kenneth & @Chris for the invitation!

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Welcome @Clo ! excited to have you here - when you can please introduce yourself here :slight_smile: [🚨FIRST STEP] Introduce Yourself and Meet the Community - #19 by Opal

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