Option to use VPN instead of blocking apps?

If it’s not already possible, I think it would be helpful to have an option to use the VPN like the previous version. I found the VPN a lot more helpful than just blocking you from opening the apps. With the new update, whenever the time for my break is up, the app will just cut off the screen without warning even if I was in the middle of reading something. Usually when this happens I’ll set a new break, which often results in wasting more time. However, with the VPN, when my break was up I could finish reading whatever I was reading, but the app couldn’t load any new posts that would be distracting.

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Thank you for sharing this. At the moment we won’t be able to support both VPN and Screen Time API - HOWEVER there are a few ways in which we can help with the issue you are mentioning:


To be honest, I don’t think a 2 minute warning would really help with my problem. If it were a countdown, maybe it would be a little better? But since the VPN is no longer possible, I think what would be helpful is something that prevents you from scrolling but lets you finish the sentence that you were reading when the specified time runs out.