‘Other’ app category not working

Hi, I just read you can add custom websites using the ‘other’ app group. When I click this I get a blank screen.

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Hey !
Thanks for your feedback.
We are aware of this issue, unfortunately for privacy reasons, we have to use an interface pre-made by Apple to select which app to block, and the issue is on their side.
We reported the issue to Apple a few months ago, but we don’t know when or if they gonna fix it.

Do you have apps you want to block that you believe to be in this section ?

Hey, it was mainly for adding websites I find myself visiting too much but I did want to try blocking safari completely too. I tried using whitelist to do this but safari is still accessible. Edit: actually Tado my heating app is in the other category so I can’t whitelist that, a pretty important one.

Thank you for sharing we will be working on [PLANNED] Block Custom Domains, For Apps That Are Not On the List