Submit your tutorial video to Opal (and get lifetime membership)

Hi gems,

If you ever feel like there is help article in Opal (like this ) that could use a step-by-step tutorial with a voiceover - we’d love your help and we’ll reward you with a lifetime membership for your account (worth $299)

Here’s how you can submit your own tutorial video to Opal that will be available for the rest of the community in our help centre.

Step 1: choose a topic.

Pick any of our help centre articles that you think could use a tutorial.

Feel free to use what’s written in the article or come up with your own script for the video.

Step 2: record a video.

Use your iPhone’s screen recording feature with microphone turned on to record a video.

We recommend to open help article on your computer to follow and narrate the instructions there while screen recording

Step 3: Submit your screen recording with voiceover.

Send us your video to along with the email that you’re using for your Opal account.

Step 4:

After we review and verify the video, you will receive Lifetime membership for Opal.

That’s it :slight_smile:

We are looking forward to what you guys send us!