Submit your tutorial video to Opal (and get lifetime membership)

Hi gems,

If you ever feel like there is help article in Opal that could use a step-by-step tutorial with a voiceover - we’d love your help and we’ll reward you with a lifetime membership for your account (worth $299).

Here are examples of video tutorials for help articles that were awarded a lifetime membership:

Blocking Doesn’t Seem To Be Working
How to Lock Opal’s Screen Time Access

Here’s how you can submit your own tutorial video to Opal that will be available for the rest of the community in our help centre.

Step 1: choose a topic.

Pick any of our help centre articles that you think could use a tutorial.

Feel free to use what’s written in the article or come up with your own script for the video.

Step 2: record a video.

Use your iPhone’s screen recording feature with microphone turned on to record a video.

We recommend to open help article on your computer to follow and narrate the instructions there while screen recording

Step 3: Submit your screen recording with voiceover.

Send us your video to along with the email or phone number that you’re using for your Opal account.

Step 4:

After we review and it gets accepted on our website, you will receive Lifetime membership for Opal.

That’s it :slight_smile:

We are looking forward to what you guys send us!

Is there any videos you guys need I sent a video about the support ai bot but I’m not sure if you guys wanted one about that

I forwarded in my tutorial video to the new email address a week ago after seeing it changed, but I’m not sure if it went through since I only got an auto-reply. Hoping it did though!