[Unassigned] Money pact / pay for breaks

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Maybe putting money on the line would help not use restricted apps during focus time?! For example i set the timer for an hour of focus and restrict some apps and put a money as little as lets say five dollars on the line to make me stay away from those apps.
Flora app has this feature so y’all should look it up. Thx


Feature Requested By: Anonymous
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I can often find myself hitting the take a break button & think if I needed to pay a few dollars to take a break I would do it less


That sounds great. Then tie the funds to your savings account. The money is then deposited once a quarter to prevent users from transferring the saved funds back into your checking.


There are a couple of versions of this from internet history, the most compelling one was you making a donation to a candidate or cause you vehemently oppose!

It would be problematic for Opal to take our money - conflict of interest, etc. And if they donated to a good charity I’d just pay the money. But the opposition candidate hahahahahaah

from customer support

Hi, strange idea but I’d be down for it! As you can see I’m on the free subscription but I’d be willing to deposit $5-10 month and pay in increasing increments the same as with increasing wait times ($0.05 → $0.2 → $0.5) per unlock as i want to stop doing it while I’m working haha. Let me know your thoughts.