Unfortunate Pricing

Opal seems great, but the problem is I have never seen any app cost 99.99/year. I started using Opal and it has helped me a lot, however, I do not know how any of you can justify spending 100 a year on an APP. That is almost as much as NETFLIX. So unfortuntaely, I googled Opal competitors and just started using them. They are not as good as opal but 99.99 is absurd. I also know that you pay 30% of your cost to Apple when purchased through the appstore. I believe the website should provide a 25% discount when purchasing from there as it would save both Opal and the user money. It will not go against Apples TOS as long as you do not advertise on the app that it can be purchased for cheaper on the website. Similar app company that are not direct competitors like Sleep Cycle cost $40/year. I think it should be prices in closer to there. Thank you

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You can also gift a membership to yourself here.

I love the idea but there’s no way I’m paying 12$ a month or 100$ a year. You guys need to bring it waaaayyyy down.