You could learn a lot from RescueTime

I’ve been using RescueTime for literally a decade. I still use it, now in conjunction with Opal.
You should get an account and see how they do things. They’re geared for Desktop, and (sadly) haven’t yet created an app that integrates with the iOS Screen Time API. But the way they analyze and categorize activity, the level of detail they offer and the customization offered for each activity is exactly what you should strive for. They even offer an API and IFTTT integration.

Alternately, you two companies should get together. You could solve their iOS gap, they could solve your desktop and analytics gap.

I think that’s a great idea. Even if you don’t do a partnership with them, I imagine many many of your users also use RescueTime, and so it might make sense to do an integration. I don’t know what their API allows you to pull, but if it includes all the detailed metrics, it could allow you to easily get desktop usage data.

There are also a couple of open source activity trackers that you may be able to use as a foundation for whatever you end up building on the desktop side (if you do that). In particular, Activity Watch is a great project

Thank you for sharing this. I like the idea of partnering with others and connecting to APIs.
We can have access to Mac usage data (on Mac) through Screen Time, so this is the cornerstone of what we are thinking for 🔥 [Planned] A desktop app for Opal 🖥️ - #20 by kenneth. Out of curiosity are you on MacOS?

Currently I’m MacOS, though I occasionally hop on a Windows PC as well. And in the past I’ve been primarily Windows, it varies by company I’m working for and projects I’m working on.

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