$132 re subscription…it’s time to say goodbye

I love the ethos of opal, I know you cannot control all of the interface, I have been patient with multiple bugs and many frustrations……I have recommended opal to many people BUT I cannot tolerate a re subscription fee of $132. I’m sorry but that is totally out of proportion considering the continued issues with the app.

Good luck with your mission and I hope to rejoin when the price comes down and the consistency of the app improves

Sorry to see you go! and thank you for the support you have given us so far. If you can list bugs/ frustrations, our team is constantly working on fixing every week. Any color you can provide here will help us do this faster.

Your team have always been great at responding to bugs and issues and I can see you are really trying hard with the limitations of things not fully in your control. I guess it’s the frustration of some inconsistencies - and honestly, it’s the price point.