Ability to turn off ‘Leave Early’ feature

One of the reasons why I bought the app was because it was really hard to go back to my old ways and use distracting apps easily. Since the ‘leave early’ feature has come around, my screen time has gone up because my addictive brain is too tempted to remove all obstacles. Below is my idea:

‘As a user, I want to be able to switch off ‘leave early’ in settings for an appropriate time so that I can be prevented from reforming my old habits’

  • ability to switch off ‘leave early’ function for a set time period so it doesn’t appear as an option during a blocking session
  • hide option for today, for 7days, 2 weeks, indefinitely etc.
  • switching off the feature will keep it hidden for that time period and it can’t be edited / changed until the time is up

I STRONGLY agree. This app is honestly no longer even useful to me when it makes it that easy to leave the session.

The whole purpose of the app is to help people who struggle with screen time, so why would you make it EASIER for us to use our phones?

Thank you @here for sharing. Just to make sure I understand - have you tried the Deep Focus difficulty (where there is no ability to leave)?