About the Feedback 💡 category

Give feedback about the Opal app, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it. You can also ask for Opal tips and tricks here!

Since Opal got started, we worked closely with YOU, our gems for ideas, feedback and more. If you want to be a part of our journey to help 1Bn people focus day today (and accomplish their dreams), share it here!

You can:

  1. Discuss improvements you’d like to see in certain features
  2. Share your experiences with Opal, and how we can better help you focus

This category is not for feature requests! Please navigate to #feature-requests instead :slight_smile:

Finally, please note that this community is not the best place to report bugs! Please feel free to discuss them casually with gems, but remember that the best place to report them so they’re seen by our team is always through the Support Center in the app Settings!

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