Add a biweekly block scheduling option

Currently I and many other people have a bi-weekly schedule. It’s nice to be able to click which days I want apps blocked per week, but then I have to manually go in and turn off all of the blocks for one week, and turn on the opposite ones for the next week. It would be so much more convenient if there was an every-other week option, or even a calendar where I can select the days myself. This would also be helpful for a vacation or something where you want to stay off your phone for the trip, just go into the app and select the days of your trip on the calendar.

Having to go into the app every week is very tedious, and also commonly has me using my phone when I’m not supposed to since I have the wrong schedule. Having a biweekly settings would save so much time.

Hey there,

Thanks for the feature request! I’ve passed this suggestion along to our engineers to consider as we continue to upgrade the app. Stay tuned!

All the best,
Team Opal