Add Deep Focus as a Focus Filter Setting

I love this feature Integration with iOS 16 Focus Filter [done in v3.1.1], but I would really love the ability to set deep focus as well. This could be a toggle/option in shortcuts.

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We’re working on this. Thanks for flagging.

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Can you develop shortcut for deep focus mode instead of normal mode?

So I can tap the back of iPhone twice directly to start a session via shortcut. By this way I can use this app more frequently.

The shortcut available now is in normal mode. Everytime I tap the iPhone and start a session in normal mode, I just cannot resist to end the session.

By activating the shortcut of opal in deep focus mode habitually, I know I can’t do nothing (To end the session) , and get back to my work.

This feature is now complete @here ! Deep Focus is now available as a Focus Filter, from version 3.5.

Hi Kenneth, before i attached Deep Focus to a focus filter, how long is the deep focus set for? Or does it just turn off automatically once the filter is turned off? I could do with help understanding how to use this feature! Many thanks!

Hey !
A deep focus started from a focus filter will run until the end of that focus mode, yay it will turn off at the end of that focus mode.

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Oh no! I just tied a deep focus session to a focus filter. Turned on the focus filter and ended up with an open ended deep focus session that was just counting up and looked like it wasn’t about to stop! Be warned!