Add Deep Focus as a Focus Filter Setting

I love this feature Integration with iOS 16 Focus Filter [done in v3.1.1], but I would really love the ability to set deep focus as well. This could be a toggle/option in shortcuts.

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We’re working on this. Thanks for flagging.

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Can you develop shortcut for deep focus mode instead of normal mode?

So I can tap the back of iPhone twice directly to start a session via shortcut. By this way I can use this app more frequently.

The shortcut available now is in normal mode. Everytime I tap the iPhone and start a session in normal mode, I just cannot resist to end the session.

By activating the shortcut of opal in deep focus mode habitually, I know I can’t do nothing (To end the session) , and get back to my work.

This feature is now complete @here ! Deep Focus is now available as a Focus Filter, from version 3.5.