Add timer or reminder before limit reached.

The screen time feature is very useful. However, when I use social media/messaging apps, it would be helpful to know how much time I have left to use it.

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I agree! The limits are great, but I’d love a little 5-minute warning and 1-minute warning like Apple’s native Screen Time App Limits gives. I also wouldn’t mind seeing a “one-more minute” button added, which can be handy for finishing a social media post quickly before running out of time or finishing a message to a friend. It would help the limits be a bit more graceful.

I love the hard time limit restriction ability but it can be a bit abrupt. I’d love to get a notification a minute before the restriction is about to set in. I use instagram for work and personal so I try to moderate my personal use. If I’m in the middle of something for work then the abrupt stop is very disruptive. I at least want a minute to wrap up and save something.