Advertising deals to paying customers

Lots of things I like about the app, but for the price I pay for a monthly subscription I don’t expect to be advertised at. The offer to buy a subscription for someone else is frustrating and makes it feel like a free product. I’m a customer, not a piece of marketing material. Especially on an app that is meant to help my focus.

  • a million on this

need to really relfect on how it got out the door with this

Thank you both for this feedback.

It’s hard to find a balance between letting customers know about news or offers (in this case it was a Valentine’s day offer and many people happily took it) and not bothering those who don’t want it.

What I suggest is this: we add a toggle in Settings for offers to allow anyone to opt out of any commercial offer in-app or by email.

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Hi Kenneth,
thanks for your reply and the potentially speedy solution.

Glad your marketing offer went well, it’s just that I try to escape one area of my technology where I’m constantly being marketed at; to find a similar strategy in the product sold as the safe-haven from that is quite a jarring experience.
I understand that the app and your team rely on sales to make the product, and that it won’t apply to me anymore, but perhaps to fit with your values more, opting-in would be a better solution.

Thanks again, and congratulations on a really useful tool.