Allow for marking any app as productive/unproductive

I really like Opal but I’ve been hitting an issue that I expect the developers to have empathy with -

I am an iOS developer and my app is not on the app store. When I’m using my own app, that is certainly the most productive I can be considering I am working. But it shows as unproductive for me. My app is unlikely to have other Opal users want it on the list (enterprise / distributed via TestFlight).

It shows up in the list of what I’ve used today but I cannot set it as productive/unproductive from the edit focus list. If it appears here I should be able to tap on it and mark it as productive!

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Thanks so much for writing! at the moment we need to manually add each app’s UUID in order fo you to be able to change their focus score.

If you add it here we’ll add your app= Focus Score Edit / Customization - which Apps do you want to add? - #88 by Mia_Scheer