Almost half the categories crash screen

13 pro max
iOS 17.5.1
But happening before the upgrade too. Tho I didn’t count how many categories weren’t working til after.

I know there is some issue with the iOS app picker but almost half the categories and the search function cause the screen to crash when clicking the their drop down care.

This basically make this paid app unusable since I can’t tell what apps I’m blocking or not by not being able to see them within their categories.

Whether the issue is with a limitation of or a bug in iOS the app is still being sold as something useable and it’s just not.

I even deleted / reset my phone to only reinstall necessary apps I’m currently using in case one of them in the “entertainment” category, for example, was somehow causing the app to crash. Didn’t work. That was a hard reset / delete of whole phone and app.

Have spent a lot of time trying to get this to work. Became today’s major source or procrastination rather than decreasing procrastination. Bummer.

Copying from elsewhere:

This seems to happen when too many apps/websites are listed in a category at once.

Temporary workaround for this: Type the app or website you’re trying to block in a separate app, copy it, then paste it into the search bar. This means that it won’t try to load a long list, thus avoiding the crash.

It’s a pain, but this lets me actually configure Opal.