"Always allowed" apps are being blocked by Opal

Hi! According to this article, “apps that are in the “always allowed” category will always be allowed, and supersede any restrictions Opal puts in place”.

I’ve ran into an issue with this, though - when selecting select an app (e.g. messages) in Opal, the app will be blocked, even if it is added to the “always allowed” category. Similarly, when turning Opal’s whitelist mode on without adding the app to the whitelist, the app will also be blocked.

Would it be possible for you guys to dial the level of restriction Opal applies down a little, so that “always allowed” apps still remain unblocked? Thank you so much!

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Thanks for the message! this is clearly an issue. @audreylee
Question: which app did you see this happening for? Was it just Messages? It looks like an Apple bug that just applies to Apple native apps like Messages.

Hi! The bug seems to apply to all apps, or at least, the apps i’ve tested it with (including Spotify, Gmail, and Pinterest).

Thank you! could you send us a message in-app? we will investigate this bug

I’m not entirely sure how to message you guys in-app, would you mind directing me to where I can do so? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Audrey,

Here are the steps to contact us in-app

I will confirm when I receive the message!