App has been crashing for over 24 hrs, no way to contact support

I have an iphone 12 running the latest update iOS 17.3. Since yesterday morning, the app has crashed each time I open it, not allowing me to turn off the restriction. I cannot contact support through the app as it crashes each time and there is no support email listed on their website. Please let me know if there is a better avenue to contact the opal team as this forum was the only option I could find for sharing this.

In more detail, I open the app, the home screen displays as normal. It allows me to scroll down the home tab, but I cannot click or open anything. Within 5 seconds, it crashes and closes out of the app.

The exact same thing is happening to me. I also have the same phone as you and software. I pay for the premium version. It feels like a rip off

Thank you for sharing @here

  • Do you have an Opal update available? We made a number of improvements on v3.49
  • Which app version are you on?
    Thank you

I can’t believe I didn’t check the app store for an update. Yes that was the fix. Thanks Kenneth.

No worries at all! Thank you for the report and apologies again for the inconvenience.