App Limit Issued Fixed

We fixed App Limits on the latest app version v.3.25, where App Limits triggered prematurely or not triggering at all. V3. 25 is Live on the App Store

Before: App Limits were counted from the point you set them up (so if you set up an App Limit at 1pm, it would “count” from 1pm to 1pm. This was a mistake.

Now: App Limits are counted from midnight to midnight. For example, if you have a 15min App Limit for Instagram Monday to Friday, it will let you use Instagram from 15min each day (midnight to midnight) Monday to Friday. This makes a lot more sense and is aligned with iOS App Limits.

Thank you for your patience and reports, it is now fixed! please update your Opal app to v.3.34 or latest.

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Hi Kenneth, I’m still having issues. I have several app limits set up, but they aren’t being blocked after the cumulative time has been reached across the apps. I tried following the troubleshooting guidelines and tried restarting Opal and then restarting my phone, but neither worked. I think the troubleshooting instructions may be out of date, because I don’t see anything in settings for resetting the Opal/Screen Time connection; I don’t even see a troubleshooting menu.

My Opal app is updated, and I’m running iOS 16.6.1 on iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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