App Limits Copy Feedback

Copying over from a DM

Hey guys I absolutely love App Limits! On a small sample size for me I feel like theyre more effective than sessions.
I was just reading the copy with a friend and I think it maybe a bit unclear that this is additive across all the apps selected? (versus 30minutes per app is allowed

I also was confused myself about the naming of Cooldown. I cant think of a better term yet but it kind of makes me think its a period where i can use the app for a few more minutes. similar to wind-down. That may just be me though.

Instead of "Cooldown time-left" would “You’ve reached your limit for Social apps for the day. You’ll regain access in time-left” work?

I also wish you could view the settings of this limit even while its in cooldown, like being able to view a session when its live (even if its not editable)