App stuck in focus session

Hi, my app is stuck in a focus session from last night.

Hey !
Did you link a focus session to a system focus mode (using a focus filter) or setup a shortcut to start a focus session ?

Focus sessions started from a focus filter will stop when you disable that focus mode ( I can see on your screenshot that your are in “work” focus mode, if you linked a focus session to it, this session will end when you leave the “work” focus mode)

I hope this will help you fix your issue !

Peter, Opal dev team

Hi thanks for the quick reply. I have previously linked to modes but they are deactivated, have been for a few days and working fine. I’ve turned off all focuses and the session is still going. Plus the session has been going 15 hours and my focus modes have changed a few times since then. I’ve never set up shortcuts.

Thanks for the detailed context !
We will look at it, I suspect that removing a focusFilter integration while the mode is active is not disabling the associated session.

Something that would be great would be to submit a support ticket using the “contact us” button in the help center, this will give us more info to help troubleshoot the issue.

After that, I think you have no choice to uninstall / reinstall the app to be able to bypass that session, sorry for the inconvenience :grimacing:

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