App uninstall protection no longer works

Hello all, I’ve just sent this below email to support. Has anyone else experienced this? This feature was the only reason I subscribed and now does not work after my trial. Rather than re write the whole thing I will paste it below.

Hello, I’ve just subscribed to a years subscription after trialling the app.
I’ve used apps like freedom before, however stopped using them as I could always override them mid session.
When I tried Opal the app had a brilliant feature in the “app uninstall protection” meaning even if I tried to delete the app during a session, it would only remove it from the Home Screen, and I had no option but to wait out the deep focus session I’d set up.

I’ve just tried to set up a new session and see that the App uninstall protection is not working, as it’s now allowing me to toggle off during a deep focus session, meaning I am now able to delete Opal all completely this negating the whole app.
Is this a bug?
If this is a change in the app features and not a bug, can you please advise how I request a refund as this app is now 100% useless to me now I can essentially just stop it by deleting it mid session.

thank you for reporting this, we will investigate ASAP.

This is fixed Opal FAQ | What is App Uninstall Protection

I think the app uninstall feature needs to change or else the app cannot achieve its goal of reducing screen-time. Right now users have the ability to delete the app and remove their restrictions even with the addition of the app uninstall setting. Currently, a user can toggle the app uninstall feature whenever they please. This means regardless what difficulty users have in their sessions, they can always delete the app to remove any sessions and get access to restricted apps.

Would it be possible if we can integrate the uninstall restriction to the Deep Focus session? This means when users select the difficulty Deep Focus, they are not allowed to change the settings of the session and also not delete apps to truly prevent users from changing their deep focus session.

If this feature doesn’t get changed, then the app will always has a major flaw that users can always delete the app and lose focus.

We are actually already working on this! thank you for sharing, it’s coming shortly.
Disable ability to toggle App Install Protection while a session is active.

This is fixed. Opal FAQ | What is App Uninstall Protection