Apple watch watch face widget (and possibly Pomodoro timer?)

Opal’s biggest advantage currently is its Apple Watch app and seamless focus session syncing. However, it would be perfect if it had a one-click start focus widget for the watch face (instead of entering the app and starting it manually), seems like a minor update but would drastically improve workflow.

Also a Pomodoro timer option for session duration would also be nice.

Hey Edward,

Thank you for the suggestions :slight_smile:

I’m pleased to say we do have support for quick starting a focus session via the Watch face. If you’re not currently in a session/schedule or have an upcoming schedule, you should see a couple of buttons on the watch face to quickly start a new focus session without having to go into the Opal app.

Let me know if you’re having issues seeing these buttons.

Just to add to this, it should look like this - do you see this?

@Edward Opal FAQ | How to start a Pomodoro with Opal