Apply to join Opal's Mac app Beta

We’re slowly testing an early beta version of Opal’s Mac app. We’re only inviting a small number of people as we’re building the core features, we appreciate your patience!

  1. If you’re interested in joining the beta; please apply here:
    Mac Waitlist

  2. Once you’re invited, you will receive an email confirmation and will be able to can access instructions on how to install the beta here:

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Is this not what I already did that got me an invite to this group?

Woohoo! Honestly, I’ve been eyeing switching to Jomo since it has a mac app and is much lower cost, but seeing Opal for mac is in beta, ill stick around to check it out.

Just applied for the beta. Cant’ wait to use it. I could really use it at the moment!

Awesome I got access. Thanks! Although the link in the OP doesn’t seem to be working.

Where’s the best place to give feedback for the beta?

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So excited for this! Would love to be part of the beta :raised_hands:t2:

I’d love to join as well, it would help me immensely as I am know juggling multiple projects and lacking focus at times!

I don’t know if its just me but I dont have the same experience of Opal in my iPhone and Opal in PC. I want to be able to choose difficulty in my Chrome and I prefer the Deep Focus Mode. The “Take A Break” is so accessible in the extension that I almost always use it instead of refocusing.

If there’s a way to enable Deep Focus Mode that I’m unaware of, please let me know. Thanks!

Hello @June_Flores,

Just linking you to our Mac app page, as this feature will be available in our impending Mac app. You can sign up for the Beta version using the instructions linked above!

All the best,
Team Opal