“Apps to block” selection interface frequently buggy

I have really been appreciating using Opal this past month! It has made a really big positive impact on my focus.

One aspect that has been frustrating, is in the protection center, under “apps to block” —,the expanding accordions frequently overlap each other, when expanded, blocking the list from view, and making scrolling impossible.

Additionally, there is no search function for specific apps or websites in this section, meaning that browsing using the glitchy functionality is the only way to find the apps/websites I’m looking for.

Lastly, I didn’t realize that if I make an edit to an app group, while a session is in progress, my edits to the app group don’t take any effect, unless I modify the current focus session to take into account my most recent changes. That took a while to learn!

Summary: It would be great to see about ways to fix the broken functionality, or even improve the current functionality, of the “apps to block” area.


Thank you for sharing this. This is something we will pick up and improve.

As for the rest, unfortunately, we don’t control this entire screen which is managed entirely by Apple (even though it’s inside our app). We reported this to Apple and are hoping for improvements with the next OS. I agree, Search would be so much better. Thank you for your patience!

Just wanted to add to what Kevan said, I felt the exact same about the apps / website picker. It felt like when I applied a change that it was just ignored - even a popup to say this only applies to upcoming sessions would have been better than no notification.

Apart from that, I’m really enjoying the app and have signed up! :slight_smile: