Attention Aware Feature

I frequently play an app (ie Youtube) in the background whether to work out, garden, mow grass, multitask, etc. It would be so awesome to have a feature to utilize Apple’s Attention Aware Feature and not count toward the app limit. At least to be able to differentiate between to two ways of tracking.

I still sit on the couch too much and stare at my phone (which is my ultimate goal of reducing this wasting of my time being consumed by YouTube, Facebook, and instagram watching way too many reels, shorts, videos, etc.). But I don’t mind when I’m busy doing other stuff taking care of business and have these playing in the background for music, podcast, etc.

Can you please add that option?


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Thanks for this request. Did you know you can set an app as “neutral” and it won’t count towards your screen time? Opal FAQ | How can I edit my Focus Score?

Is there a way to only count screen time if your eyes / attention are focused on your phone?