Better data storage and recovery

I have been using Opal for several months now on and off. I created my account last year, deleted the app, redownloaded Feb 2023, and have been using it everyday ever since. However, my phone had to be wiped and restored a couple months ago. When that happened, despite the fact that I have a current subscription to Opal, I was treated as a new customer with no history. No gems for focus hours, all my sessions gone and needing to be built from scratch. This just happened again this morning because Opal was crashing upon opening, so I deleted and redownloaded the app… now once again I am starting from scratch (for the third or fourth time). I also use the Chrome extension and I guess that doesn’t matter either. All data is gone. This data should be stored in iCloud and restored upon signing in. I love Opal, but losing my history and settings this frequently is very very frustrating.

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Thank you for sharing this. We have this on our roadmap and targeting to release before the summer. I’m sorry you had to experience this issue, and definitely want for us to own the progress you’ve made forever!