Block all websites blocks everything using the cloud which is absurd and frustrating

This is extremely frustrating. I also use 1Focus on my Mac. When I Block All Websites, it does exactly that…it blocks WEBSITES. It doesn’t block everything connected to the internet. This is horrible. I can’t use my video camera, WhatsApp, I can’t even open the Notes app! It’s literally one of my productivity apps that I use regularly and it’s blocked because I blocked WEBSITES so I could focus on writing.

Please change this because I know I’m not the only person blindsided by this completely mislabeled feature. This is truly absurd that it’s blocking things outside of the browser when it says “Websites”. If you want to block everything connected to the Internet, add something that says “Block All Internet”

Please fix this, many of us just want to block access to the browser without having to pick a million app exceptions.