Block opal feature?

Once I select opal in my block app category is it possible to hide the app while I am in a session?

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Thanks for the request: quick question to clarify, you want Opal to be hidden while in an Opal session?

Is this because you check Opal too often / feel it’s distracting? is there another reason?

Yes the idea is to not be able to go into the app and make changes or waste time. I hope this is a doable request because it’s hard for me to use (not use) the app without it.

I understand - have you tried Deep Focus? with Deep Focus you can’t cancel or bypass the timer. Opal FAQ | What is Protection?

I can’t seem to access deep focus unless I pay for it. Is there a way to have the app block itself without having to spend money (I understand there is a free trial option for 7 days)? Maybe you could recommend an app that has similar deep focus abilities?

Sent you an email! Thank you for writing