Block out certain group chats lol

Hi there,

I am in a few group chats that I would only like to see time to time - so I can keep focused. Tend to get carried away with all the interesting conversations would like to limit my time but not with all my contacts.

Would love to be able to do this, but unfortunately we can’t block specific chats within an app. we CAN block the entire app though, and then you can take breaks (with a timer) to keep your use in check.

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This has been very helpful being able to block iMessage. So I do appreciate that feature! Thank-you!

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Also, another feature that would be great is be able to set a monthly schedule that the block will be able to stay on! Also, not being able to delete the app to undo your focus sessions. Just suggestions! But, the app has greatly helped so thank-you!

we built this! thank you Opal FAQ | What is App Uninstall Protection