Break sessions not unlocking chosen apps

*after a while of taking breaks Opal doesn’t allow the apps I want to unlocked to be doesn’t happen at first but After waiting the time allotted, it says no apps are blocked for the break, but they are still blocked in my phone. Kind of frustrating and can’t tell if it’s a bug or a feature. Anyone else run into this?

See this as well. Also sometimes doesn’t unblock for the intended duration on subsequent breaks. New change in behavior, used to work consistently

Thank you for reporting this @here . We have a few tickets in support mentionning this.
Did you follow the steps outlined here? Opal FAQ | Is Opal blocking an App/Website it shouldn't?

I did, most of those don’t apply here. When I have seen it happen, usually starting another break seems to fix it. Some kind of race condition or state toggle probably.

Thank you for sharing this. Next time this happens, can you send a report in-app so we can investigate further? (settings => contact us => report a bug).