Break Timer that Begins when Prior Break Ends

While I like how the break timer doubles time-until-next-break when in Focus mode, I end up taking one break, and then just waiting out the ~1-3 minutes to take another. So I can get a 30 minute break with a 1 minute pause in the middle, rather than really limiting to a 15 minute break. A “next break” timer tied to when the prior break ended would reduce exploitation of this issue.

For example, if I choose to take a break, then the next break can only begin 5 minutes (or 10, or 20) after my current break is over. That next-break timer can still follow the same doubling rules in focus mode, or could be used to set up a pomodoro timer with 25 minute gaps between breaks.

This proposed format for a break timer forces a longer wait until the next break, as opposed to exploiting the loophole of “stacking breaks” with only a 1-3 minute disincentive.