BUG - can’t press on settings

When I press the settings button the app freezes.
I have a 15 pro max and I have this bug for several months.

It’s funny, I can’t even report on this bug because in order to do that I need to go to the settings tab.


Hey there,

Thanks for letting us know! Possible to update to the newest version of the app here:

Once that’s complete, please let us know if you’re still encountering the problem! If you’re able, you can email hi@opal.so with any screenshots or video of the problem so we can escalate this to our engineers.

All the best,
Sarah @ Opal

Same here. I’ve had that for the past several months. Works fine on my iPad.

Same here on my iPhone 15 Pro. I cannot refer a friend because I cannot tap Settings without the app freezing every time. I already checked and I am using the latest version of the app.

Thanks @Peds,

I’ve escalated this to our engineers! Please stand by.

All the best,
Team Opal

Same issue here, using current version on iPhone 12 Pro. Pressing the settings button freezes up the whole app and have to close out of it completely.

Hey @here,

If you’re still encountering this issue, please update to the newest version of Opal here:

All the best,
Team Opal