Bypassing Apple's 49-app limit by blocking entire app categories (Fixed)

Hi! I’m aware that there used to be an Apple-imposed limitation which meant that only 49 apps could be blocked at the same time, and I was just wondering whether things have changed. The reason I’m asking is because prior to using Opal, I tried another screentime app, which also utilised Apple’s screentime API. There was also a limit (of 49 apps) to the number of apps that could be selected individually, but by simply selecting the entire category of apps (e.g. “social”), all the apps in that category would be blocked, even if the number of apps within that category exceeded the limit of 49 apps. If an entire app category was selected, then the apps within that category wouldn’t count towards the limit. I was able to select as many categories as I wanted, and 49 individual apps on top of that.

It’d be amazing if you guys could look into this - I’d love to be able to select 49 individual apps, along with additional app categories, at the same time. This can be done, even with Apple’s limitations, as evidenced by the app (linked above), and I’d be stoked if this feature could be brought to Opal as well!

Thanks so much for reading this, and for giving it your consideration :slight_smile: Have a lovely rest of your day!


Hi! I was wondering whether there’s been any update on this? Thanks so much!!

Hi !
We added your suggestion to our roadmap, should be available in the upcoming weeks :slight_smile: We’ll keep you informed when this will be available !
Peter, Opal Dev Team

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Hello !
it’s been a long time, but categories are finally here in the last Opal version we just published (v3.19)
Regards !

I want to use my phone less than 1h at a time period. I have more than 300 apps though and right now I cannot set a limit broad enough to enforce that.

Is it possible to create multiple sessions with multiple different groups all running at the same time, but with different apps. That way you can hit all 300 apps at the same time. If that makes sense

Hey !
You can now select categories in AppLimits,
Tell me if it works for you !

Currently, it is not possible to have multiple sessions running simultaneously. However, you can block more than 50 apps at once by selecting entire categories instead of individual apps.

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This is fixed!

you can block more than 50 apps at once by selecting entire categories instead of individual apps.