Change Unknown Apps To Neutral Productivity or give users to edit the default productivity

My suggestion is to give the user the ability to choose how unadded apps affect their focus score. Currently they are treated like they are distractions.

The issue is that you’ll never be able to add every app manually. There are just too many niche apps for peoples specifics lives and careers. So it might be better to just allow them to choose how those apps affect the score. And if that’s not possible at least change it to a neutral effect by default.

The most distracting apps by far are social media and streaming apps. And those are usually pretty mainstream and bound to get added or already added to the opal app.

On the other hand, apps that companies may make their employees use or apps created by small businesses to interact with their products or services are just too widespread to manually add. So it’d probably be easier for the user and the team at opal to give us the ability to change how all unknown apps affect the score by default.

Just my 2 cents but otherwise I love the app, keep up the great work!

Thanks for the suggestion, that makes sense. We will look into it.