🥳 [Completed] A more apparent timer notification for session

Feature Requested By: Mario
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Hello All! I recently got the paid version of Opal and ABSOLUTELY love it. However my only problem about it is, when I have a session running, while it shows me how much time I have left to go in my session, when that session ends, a notification doesn’t awake my phone to let me know, only a temporary banner (which i looked into and it won’t change).

So I was looking into it and I maybe found a way though “Shortcuts” for every time i start a session to start a Timer in my clock app but can’t get the two to talk to eachother. Any other suggestions?

Comment By: Matt

Hey Mario! Just a couple of quick questions here:

  • If you go to iOS Settings > Notifications > Opal > Is the alert set to lock screen, notification and banners? Having all 3 of these selected means that Opal notifications should persist.
  • We do clear notifications when you open Opal, could this be the case here?

On your second point, we don’t currently support shortcuts for notifying other apps when a session starts / ends but this may be something we add in the future. The current shortcuts only allow shortcuts to start / end Opal sessions.

Comment By: Kenneth