[COMPLETED] Add Games apps

Feature Requested By: Charles Gorintin
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It would be interesting to have a section with all games apps to turn off.
Personally, it would be lichess or chess.com.

Comment By: Amrith Shanbhag

Thanks for the suggestion, <@Charles Gorintin%%user%%cba2d059-e9a4-42a3-ba58-e5f9eaeb591a>! Games are definitely a huge distraction! Our team has taken note :pray:

Comment By: Kenneth

In addition to the existing categories of “distracting apps,” I would love it if I could block all gaming apps, like any of the apps I download from Apple Arcade.

Comment By: Kenneth

There isn’t an easy way to address this, most games work offline and therefore we don’t have an easy way to blok them.

Comment By: Straits_consuls_0t

Mobile games. Especially the two Harry Potter games. Those are a huge timesuck for me.

Comment By: Kenneth

We have solved this <@Straits_consuls_0t%%user%%f055e94a-879e-43cc-be7b-dc256e164cfa> <@Charles Gorintin%%user%%cba2d059-e9a4-42a3-ba58-e5f9eaeb591a> , here’s how to block any app (including games) with Opal: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Feature Requested By: Elizabeth Turner
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Add a way to block game apps

Feature Requested By: Emily Case
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If i can’t use social media sometimes i’ll play games instead, and I would really love to be able to block them.

Comment By: Anonymous

Same here, I play games more than I use social media. I downloaded this especially to blow kisses my gaming use.

Feature Requested By: Anonymous
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No game apps or media apps should be allowed when on. For example, with Opal on I can still play Bloons or hop on Libby and listen to an audio book

Feature Requested By: Anonymous
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Please add mobile game apps such as Pokemon Go, Homescapes, etc. to the block list.