[COMPLETED] ⏱ App Limit / Time Limit / Budget use of distracting apps

Feature Requested By: J.dehle
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I would like to see app usage times but also if I get distracted by an app I’d like notifications after pre determined intervals. A perisitent pop up at 5 mins, or 7, or 10, etc to snap me out of it.

Feature Requested By: B
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So for example, I’m only allowed to check my emails 3x a day. The app should let me know that I have 2/3 ‘checks’ left for the day.


Feature Requested By: Anonymous
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It would be great to be able to add daily timers to apps (example: 30 minutes of Instagram a day) and once that limit is reached the app will become blocked as if it were on a session.


Feature Requested By: Kenneth
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What about a way of restricting how many hours I can unlock, or making me wait a bit before unlocking?


Feature Requested By: Farhad Pocha
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Let me allow myself 45 minutes of Instagram, 30 minutes of dating apps, etc. And tell me when I go over the budget

Comment By: Neeks

This is the one feature that would convince me to switch from trial to annual subscription… being able to set a time limit and then automatically go into Deep Focus once I hit the limit.


Feature Requested By: Felipe
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There should be an option to set a timer, and when time’s up, Opal starts blocking your selected apps.

We should be able to set an app limit for the entire day. For example I want to be able to only use instagram for 1 hour throughout the entire day and when i’ve used it i’m done. Instead i can only set to not use it through whatever time i set

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The main reason I need opal is because the apple time limit is too easy to bypass, and I need an opal block screen when time is up. Right now opal only has blocked apps for a certain time of day instead of time limits.

Thanks for sharing this. Can you elaborate on why you think Time Limits is better vs Sessions? How do you use Time Limits today on screen time? for categories or apps? for a few apps?

I used to have this amazing app on android that would allow a certain app for a certain number of minutes per hour.

I feel like this was the best for me out of all features i have used for both android and apple screen time blocking apps. For example, i used to allow snapchat to be used for 4 minutes every hour. Every hour that timer would reset. This way I would get to choose when i want to use snapchat during the hour and also instead use it in a faster way instead of just sitting on the app for a long period.

Another way this can be done is by allowing an app to have a certain amount if minutes it can be used in a day. For example i had YouTube locked to a maximum one hour for the day. So it was my choice when to use and how budget the hour for the whole day. This helped prevent binge watching.

To get something similar to this in your app i have set up multiple recurring sessions every hour with 2-3 5 min sessions to allow me to use my blocked apps.

However with my features stated above i can choose when i want to use my blocked apps but still have a time limit. Otherwise i have to wait until the session ends to get to use the blocked apps.

My main goal is to reduce my time in social media apps but not block them all day. I want to have the ability to use them for important situations but still have a timer to prevent me from staying on the app too long.

Thanks and i hope you can make these changes. Me and my friends have been looking for an app that does this for years.

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Thanks for sharing this! Time limits is a popular request, so I added your message to this thread.

How do you feel about this other solution that was suggested by the community? "Medium Focus" Protection: Set fixed number of Breaks, no cancellation - #6 by kenneth

We are working on this @here
Here are some early designs we’re building => @Anton

Hi! Just downloaded the app and I am really missing the feature to block apps based on time usage instead of just sessions.

I work as a freelancer / content creator and my working hours is different from each day.

Thanks for sharing this! we are actually just working on this now. What do you think of the designs below?

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This is now in the app! Hope you enjoy.

I use this feature a lot but I still feel it is missing the x minutes per hour feature .

I have my app limit set to 15 min and then blocked for 45. But if I use 14 minutes during the day and then I want to use it before bed I will only get 1 minute and then it blocks for 45 minutes.

I think the 15 mins resets every day anyway but it would be nice to customize the reset window.


If a certain configurable amount of screen time for the day or week or whatever configurable amount of time is exceeded, a session would then begin.

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This is exactly the primary feature I want. I want to be able to use Instagram for 5 minutes every hour. The way it’s currently set up I will just continue waiting for the time limit to count down to give myself a break which just keeps wasting more time.