[COMPLETED] ⏱ App Limit / Time Limit / Budget use of distracting apps

Hi! Just downloaded the app and I am really missing the feature to block apps based on time usage instead of just sessions.

I work as a freelancer / content creator and my working hours is different from each day.

Thanks for sharing this! we are actually just working on this now. What do you think of the designs below?

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This is now in the app! Hope you enjoy.

I use this feature a lot but I still feel it is missing the x minutes per hour feature .

I have my app limit set to 15 min and then blocked for 45. But if I use 14 minutes during the day and then I want to use it before bed I will only get 1 minute and then it blocks for 45 minutes.

I think the 15 mins resets every day anyway but it would be nice to customize the reset window.

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